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The above legislation comes into force on the 12th August 2016.
It affects all Commercial Insurance
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Butterworth Spengler offer a unique approach to Claims Management, the essential elements of which include:

  • A nominated panel of Loss Managers and Solicitors *
  • Pro-active challenging of claims estimates
  • An inclusive uninsured loss recovery service, with access to our dedicated uninsured loss recovery network partners
  • A dedicated complex/large loss service, including access to our Lorega, Loss Assessing Partners
  • A claims service delivered by a dedicated Claims Executive Team on an in-house basis (unless agreed otherwise)
  • Defined service standards, which can be tailored to your requirements
  • The offer of a variety of innovative legal, liability and motor fleet claims solutions

* With selected Insurers

Not only are we able to deliver a quality service, but one that also provides clear financial advantages over more conventional claims facilities. Such advantages include the faster settlement of claims and effective reduction in claims estimates (upon which premiums can be based).

If you are in any doubt as to what action to take, or whether you need to tell us about an incident, please contact the Claims Team on 0151 494 4400 (office hours).

If you have an emergency out of office hours or at the weekend and you are unable to reach us, you can contact your insurer help line, as detailed within your policy documents.

In the event of a loss you can download and complete one of our claims forms and simply return it to our dedicated claims inbox –

To view the Forms you must first download Adobe Reader.


Whilst the overriding principle is to always act in the interest of mitigating any loss to the business, the following advice on specific types of claims is recommended:-

  • Business property claim
  • Injury to an employee
  • Injury or damage to the property of others
  • Household claim
  • Private medical insurance claim
  • Motor vehicle claim
  • Sports travel claims

Business Property Claims

Immediate Action

  • Implement any pre-agreed disaster plan to maintain output using, if possible, alternative equipment or premises.
  • If production or finished stock is affected, prioritise customers and orders. Consider methods of informing customers to maintain good faith.
  • Arrange boarding-up and/or temporary weather protection using a local contractor.
  • Arrange for the repair and reconnection of any alarm system.
  • Minimise water leaks by turning off the supply at nearest stop tap and/or calling an emergency plumber.
  • Remove portable, undamaged items from affected areas to secure, clean, dry storage to prevent contamination from water or smoke.
  • Hire aqua vacs to clear standing water from floors or carpets.
  • Isolate and/or turn off any affected electrical equipment or computers if safe to do so and arrange an urgent electrical inspection. Do not turn on any equipment that you suspect may be contaminated by smoke or water
  • Take photographs, preferably before disturbing the scene, so that you are able to fully describe the equipment affected. This will also help investigations into the cause of the incident and extent of damage.
  • Set up a unique cost code to record all expenditure.
  • Set up a dedicated claim file to keep copies of all documents, invoices, time sheets etc., which you will need to support the claim.
  • Establish a claim spreadsheet to list details of your claim, preferably cross-referenced to the claim file documents.

Initial Information Required

It will considerably assist evaluation of your claim if the following information is available at the time of the Loss Adjusters/Managers visit:-

  • If available, an A4 site plan showing the layout of the premises and principal activities in each area.
  • The identity of those who discovered the loss or damage (have them available for interview if possible).
  • The identity of those who last saw the items or visited the affected area (have them also available for interview if possible).
  • Details of the companies that maintain or monitor any intruder or fire alarms on the premises, and whether the alarm monitoring is via a BT Redcare telephone line.
  • If the alarm is monitored ask the company for a copy of their activity log for the 48 hours leading up to the incident.
  • The identity and telephone number(s) of Police Officers involved and any reference allocated.
  • A full description of any equipment stolen and/or damaged, i.e. make, model, brief specification (in the case of computers, processor, RAM, hard drive size, speed, etc.) date purchased, replacement price or equivalent item.
  • If available, copies of any original purchase invoices (these can be sent on later).
  • Whilst a completed claim form is not usually required (Butterworth Spengler will advise), a full description of loss or damage and circumstances should be noted.
  • For damaged personal possessions, employees should contact their relevant household Insurers. If the individual has no cover or a large excess, then full details should be submitted to the Loss Adjuster/Manager (cover will most likely be limited and there may be a deduction for wear and tear).
  • Details of any anticipated effects upon normal business activities and any source of income considered at risk.

Injury to an employee

Action points:

  • Butterworth Spengler should be provided with copies of any internal report forms involving injury to any employee, especially where you believe that a claim will be forthcoming
  • No promise of compensation should be made and the question of liability should not be discussed
  • In the event of a formal claim being received, it may then be necessary for you to complete an Employers’ Liability Report Form for your Insurer, which should be sent to Butterworth Spengler
  • In addition, further documentation may be requested and it may prove prudent to compile copies of the following: the F2508 (RIDDOR report); accident report book; training records; earning details; photographs of accident location; witness statements; confirmation of the employee’s absence and the date they resumed, or shall resume, their normal duties
  • Any communication or request for information from the employee or their legal representative should not be acknowledged but sent immediately to Butterworth Spengler.
  • If at any time it becomes necessary for solicitors to be instructed on your behalf, your Insurer will usually arrange this for you.

Injury or damage to the property of others

Action points:

  • A Public Liability Report Form should be completed and submitted to Butterworth Spengler for all incidents involving injury to a third party or damage to their property, regardless of whether or not a formal claim has been intimated to you.
  • Compile any relevant documentation, such as an accident report book (if an entry has been made), witness statements, etc.
  • Any subsequent correspondence should not be acknowledged but sent immediately to Butterworth Spengler.
  • In relation to both Employers and Public Liability claims, it can prove beneficial to identify the individuals within your organisation best able to assist Insurers with on-site investigations and those with the authority to discuss / accept liability on your behalf.
  • In view of Insurers’ requirements and established claims protocols (refer “Reducing the Cost of Employers Liability Claims’ contained within the Claims Management Guide), any claim must be reported immediately and all associated correspondence made available to Insurers without delay.

Household claim

Action points:

  • Compile a list of items to be replaced or repaired together with purchase invoices and or estimates. Report to Butterworth Spengler as soon as possible, complete the relevant claim form (as above) and send it to us.
  • Obtain estimates for the repair or replacement where necessary.
  • Take photographs of the damage, preferably before disturbing the scene, so that you are able to fully describe the equipment affected.
  • Make the property secure.
  • Take any action necessary to prevent more damage, including temporary repairs.
  • In the event of theft or malicious damage, advise the Police and retain a note of the crime reference number allocated by them.
  • In the event of major damage contact Butterworth Spengler immediately before any work is put in hand, as we may wish to appoint a Loss Adjuster/Manager.

Loss adjusters may be appointed by the insurer to deal with the claim.

Private medical insurance

In the event that eligible treatment is required, it is essential that you contact your insurer for authorisation, prior to arranging any treatment. Please refer to the specific contact details provided by your insurer.

Motor Vehicle Claims

Before detailing the motor claims procedures, it should be noted that Butterworth Spengler offer the following services:

  • Driver claims cards providing emergency contact details
  • Direct notification lines to Insurers, thus providing 24 hour access in the event of an accident
  • Windscreen account cards via National Windscreens, this will enable direct billing to your Insurer of all glass claims. You will be invoiced separately for the policy excess and VAT.

The following is intended as a guide to the procedures to be adopted in relation to various types of Motor Claim.

If you have been provided with specific contact details for reporting claims directly to your insurers, contact them as soon as possible. Otherwise please refer to the advice below.

Theft Claim

Action points:

  • Notify the Police immediately and obtain a crime reference number
  • Notify Butterworth Spengler as soon as possible and complete a Claim Form
  • If the vehicle is recovered, notify Butterworth Spengler as soon as possible, who will arrange transport to an approved repairer / storage compound
  • Where the vehicle is considered a total loss or is not recovered, the following documentation will be required:
    • The Vehicle Registration Document (V5)
    • The current MOT Certificate (if applicable)
    • Details of any outstanding Hire Purchase or Finance
    • The original purchase receipt (if available)
    • All keys to the vehicle

Insurers may wish to interview the driver involved. Any arrangements will be made via Butterworth Spengler, who can attend the interview if required.

Accidents Claims (including Fires)

At the Scene

  • You must stop after an accident, but you do not have to involve the Police unless there are injuries to anyone involved.
  • Never accept liability, or confirm in writing that you accept responsibility for the accident; your Insurer will decide this.

Obtain from each party:

  • Full names and addresses of all driver(s)/owner(s) of the vehicle(s) involved
  • Registration number(s) of the vehicle(s) involved
  • Details of their insurance cover, e.g. policy number and name of Insurer
  • The names and addresses of all independent witnesses. Passengers within the vehicle(s) involved are not deemed fully independent
  • Make a note of distances, street names, road markings and the speed and position of any vehicles involved. If possible, obtain photographs

Follow-up Action

  • Regardless of the damage to your own vehicle, complete a Motor Accident Report Form and send it to Butterworth Spengler
  • To organise repairs during office hours, telephone Butterworth Spengler. An out of hours number can be provided for your Insurers. To ensure a speedy repair without the necessity of obtaining an estimate prior to commencement of the work, it is strongly suggested that an Insurer Approved Repairer be used. If required, these garages also offer a free collection and delivery service and can normally provide a courtesy car whilst your own is being repaired.
  • If it is necessary for you to hire a vehicle, please contact Butterworth Spengler before arranging this
  • Alternatively, you may take the vehicle to any garage you wish
  • If the vehicle is still drivable, obtain a written estimate from your local garage and forward this to Butterworth Spengler, together with a confirmation of the booking-in date, allowing 5 days’ prior notice.
  • If the vehicle is not drivable, please arrange collection with your chosen garage (your Insurers will pay the cost of towing). Advise Butterworth Spengler as soon as possible, in order that we may arrange for the inspection of the vehicle and authorisation of repairs by your Insurer
  • On completion of repairs, you will be invoiced separately for the VAT (if applicable) and policy excess – this is payable by you. The garage will send a separate invoice for the balance due from your Insurers.

If the vehicle is deemed to be beyond economical repair, Insurers will require

  • The Vehicle Registration Document (V5)
  • The current MOT certificate (if applicable)
  • Details of any outstanding Hire Purchase or Finance
  • The original purchase receipt (if available)
  • All keys to the vehicle
General insurance

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